My Life is But a Weaving…

What is a spiritual entrepreneur?

What does it take to create something new?

The poem, “The Weaver”, often attributed to Corrie Ten Boom, but also to Benjamin Malachi Franklin keeps coming to mind when I contemplate the above questions.

“My life is but a weaving

between my Lord and me…”




A vision of a great, sturdy, beautifully crafted loom.

The warp already set with infinite precision and skill.

The waiting weft an endless store of rainbow hued threads.

My little willingness to begin the work enough.

As I weave I am surrendered to a forgotten and beloved rhythm and flow

and beneath and through my hands a master piece is revealed.

….that is how being a spiritual entrepreneur feels to me.  That I am surrendered to this process of aligning my will with that of The Divine for the purpose of allowing the full, unique expression of that Oneness.

And, that is how something truly new is created.

I value your thoughts and insights!