Letting Go & Letting LOVE

Yesterday I had the pleasure…no…the pure joy! of twirling a toddler ‘round and ‘round and ‘round as she grinned and giggled until we both turned just a little dizzy.

Today, as I reflected on this precious experience, my understanding of the teaching “unless you change and become like little children, you will never enter the kingdom of heaven,” deepened and I realized just how much I’ve been resisting embodying this wisdom in my life.

Remembering the pure trust shining in this little child’s delighted face as we spun around…I wondered how I would react if someone picked me up out of the blue and began whirling me through the air at the ends of their arms.  In my mind and heart’s eyes I saw me screaming to be put down, scared, fearful, not trusting at all.  Being a smallish sized person, I’ve actually had similar experiences in my adult life and, probably because of my resistance, none of them turned out to be very pleasant.

I then allowed myself to imagine being in the place of this innocent child…only I was me…at the other end of God/LOVE’s arms.  HE/SHE/IT has been twirling me around all my life…from my first breath through this present moment, and I have been continually dragging my feet, whining to slow down, resisting the pleasure of pure momentum and exhilarating flight.  In other words…not fully trusting the ride and thus not fully experiencing the pure joy of it.

I see that relaxing into “The Ride” is a metaphor for being my true, authentic self…withholding nothing, joyfully whooping my way through this life’s experience, fully expressing my gifts with no self-doubt, no self-judgment, no fear or worry and no hesitation.  I see myself finally surrendering completely to this power that I have come to know as LOVE/GOD and actually ENJOYING this process that is continually unfolding…trusting without reserve that I am not only taken care of, but cherished and supported in BEING MYSELF, beyond belief.

Here’s to kicking up our heels, letting go and LETTING LOVE!!!

LetgoLetLoveImage Credit:  Melissa Lawrence  http://www.mindbodygreen.com/0-4538/Let-Go-Let-Love-Surrender-to-Your-Higher-Self.html

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