If words could bruise…

If words could bruise

I bruise extremely easily these days.  In fact, due to the blood thinners I now take, (post Heart Opening/Attack) I am literally covered in black and blue.  We’ve even had fun taking Sharpie’s to them, creating temporary little works of art.  I’m not self-conscious about them at all, so it surprised me the other day when a friend asked me, totally not joking, if my husband was beating me.

Of course not!  In fact, most often, I don’t even remember how I got them.  I’ve frequently thought, after finding a new one, “You can look at me the wrong way and I’ll bruise.” This is exactly what I said to my friend when explaining why I looked like I’d been abused.

Which reminded me that I had been musing over writing this piece, and had not yet done it.

This piece about what we, humanity, would look like if words could bruise.

And then, as I so often do, I let the thought slip away to join all of the other ideas uselessly floating around in the ethers of my mind that I have not put into writing.

Fast-forward a few days and my procrastination slapped me…and someone I love…in the face.  You see, when I want to remember something, I really do need to write it down.  Names, shopping items, phone numbers, epiphanies, life lessons, thoughts …my memory benefits from seeing whatever it is in print.  I guess, whatever it is, becomes im-PRINTED on my brain.

But, I didn’t write them down. They thus slipped my mind and I ended up allowing unconscious words to exit my mouth and one of the people I love most in this world ended up getting hurt.

Words do bruise.  Like real bruises, they often linger for a while…reminders of the actual injury.  And sometimes, they are more painful than the injury itself.

I did not intend for my words to hurt.  I actually had no intentions for my words, at all.  They were an unconscious, knee-jerk reaction, lubricated by an irritable mood and most importantly, NOT protected by my proven prophylactic practice, Khooba/Rakmah.

Basically…VERY basically…Khooba and Rakmah are filters that you put into place over your intentions and perceptions, kind of like safety nets.  Think of what a filter can do: It can remove something unwanted (think fish tank)…or, it can enhance something, as used in photography.

Even more simply, these filters Khooba and Rakmah are LOVE.

To tap into the power of these words, we use them as an intention, a chosen mind-set, to set a “love filter” over all that we perceive, including all of our perceptual memories, (Khooba) as well as one over all of our words and actions, (Rakmah).

Here’s how I do it:

When I catch myself in any mind-set other than loving, I stop for a minute or two…in fact, even a few seconds will suffice in most instances…and on my in-breath, I breathe in “Khooba”.  On my exhale, I breathe out “Rakmah”.

It’s that easy.

IN:  Khoobaaaaaaaaaaaa

OUT:  Rakmahhhhhhhhhh

IN:  Khoobaaaaaaaaaaaaa

OUT:  Rakmahhhhhhhhhhh

And,  honestly, it works.  It works so well, in fact,  I think that if this were my only spiritual practice, it would be quite enough.

Try it and let me know how it works for you!



(For a more in-depth explanation of these two powerful filters and how they can positively affect our realities, read this:  www.whyagain.com/FAQ/Rakhma_Khooba.pdf ) (Or, check out Dale Allen Hoffman’s work here:  https://www.daleallenhoffman.com/, as he is the one who gave me the gift of this amazing practice. Also take a look at this interpretation from “Enlightenment”   by the Yonan Codex Foundation in which the Khabouris (or Khaboris) Manuscript is translated from its original Aramaic into English. 




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