“I have been blessed to watch Joy progress from eager student, to amazing levels of healing and teaching. She continues to do both in her own unique way…and paves the way for others to do the same. Joy is living up to her name … not by gathering large numbers of clients and students around her to gain accolades and praise … but by creating more healers and teachers to gain peers and equals! When I give examples of how far someone can take a ball of truth and run with it … Joy is the first name I speak of! Namaste’!” 

~ Kimberly Skoll, Reiki Master, Yoga Instructor, Singer/Songwriter Extraordinaire  ~


Kim making musical magic



“Joy is an amazing ray of light on this earth. Just spending time around her makes me feel better, yet she has so much more to offer. Joy is a natural fit in the realm of natural healing and has a great passion for helping others. Everyone can benefit from a session with her!”

~ Crissy Keye Rollins, LMBT, Nutritional Cleanse & Life Balance Coach

Holistic Restoration


“Thank you Joy for the privilege of sharing the Body Temple Challenge in such a loving and nurturing way to impart your knowledge with ease and grace. The support and power of these calls are being reflected in my everyday world. I have personally been inspired to become more watchful and aware in honoring my body and becoming more loving in reaching out to others. You are a blessing and a JOY to all the lives that you encounter. Thank you for creating this venue and giving so generously of all the LOVE that you are! Joy is an extraordinary woman, full of love, compassion, and the Divine.  Healing through Reiki is a most powerful privilege, at this she is a Master.  Her beauty shines from within, her bright light is awe inspiring.  A gifted artist, healer, writer, mentor, conscious thinker, Joy walks her path with love for all through her open heart and her willingness to see God in everything.”
~ Rosemary Martin, Art and Granite Consultant ~
 Start With Art



“The local spiritual community owes a debt of gratitude to Joy Ayscue. In 2006 she began Wake for Consciousness (now, Wake for Consciousness/Sacred Realms), one of the most successful spiritual/metaphysical Meetups in the Triangle area. She, herself, has continued to study, learn, and teach, providing many with either an introduction to spirituality and the spiritual life, or made it possible for them to deepen what was already present. In addition, as a Reiki healing professional and teacher, she facilitates growth and healing for many individuals in the area. She also generously introduces other teachers to the community, something for which I, as one of them, am very grateful.”

Amy Pierce, M.A., Applied Healing Arts
Interfaith Minister in Integrative Healing
Authentic Self Center of the Triangle




“Joy Ayscue’s teaching and healing work is intentional, loving and profound.  You can’t help but feel your energy shift into the feeling of peace and greater possibility when you’re in her presence.  I recommend Joy’s work to anyone who wants to tap into a deeper sense of unity and healing.

~ Nanette Geiger, author, speaker, coach ~



“I hold Joy in the highest regard as a teacher/mentor/Lighworker of love.  Having been blessed as one of her Reiki students, she was pivotal in my spiritual growth and awakening process.  It was her unconditional love that allowed me to grow through the most trying releases and she stood by me, without judgement and always showed me kindness and love.  This is the standard that I came to bring myself to when beginning to teach others.  I have had the honor of teaching along side her.  I have the utmost respect for her and she will always hold a special place in my heart.  Anyone crossing paths with her light will forever be changed and benefit in more ways than they could ever comprehend.  I highly recommend Joy on every level.”

~ Lisa Brown, Bachelor of Metaphysical Sciences, B.Msc., Certified Reiki Level III Master Teacher, Usui System of Natural Healing ~


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