My name is Joy Ayscue.

I am a very ordinary person who has experienced some extraordinary blessings and am now here to help you do the same.

After being diagnosed with bipolar disorder in 1998 my life fell completely apart. I turned into an over-medicated zombie who alternated between dark weeks in bed and days of damaging mania. My marriage broke up, my children despised me and my parents were at their wits end, not knowing how to help. I couldn’t work, was on social security disability and eventually turned into an agoraphobic mess.

All of that, and more, changed in the summer of 2006, when I received Reiki for the first time. I had been manic for a few days and, sick of myself, complained to an online friend who lovingly offered to send me Reiki on her lunch hour. She instructed me to lie down and relax at the specified hour and when I did so, I fell asleep within 5 minutes. If you are familiar with mania, you probably know that this is just about unheard of. I slept very deeply for about 40 minutes and when I woke up, the mania was completely gone, and I felt something I hadn’t felt in years…balance and peace.

Now, here’s the really exciting part…I didn’t even know what Reiki was. I had never heard of it and had never been exposed to energy healing or the world of spirituality and consciousness.

I was so blown away by how different I felt, I knew I needed to know more about this Reiki thing and began researching everything I could find about it.
As profound as those first results were, they were nothing compared to what was to come.

A week later I awoke one day in a state of mind and heart that I had never experienced before…Universal Love. I loved everyone and everything. I WAS love. Everyone was love. Everything was love. I finally understood what the Beatles were singing about…Love really IS all there is!

My life has never been the same.

Since then, I’ve been guided by the Love that I have come to know as God in every decision and choice I have made. I have been off of all medications since January, 2007 (with no re-occurrence of bipolar symptoms), am off of disability, am more productive and creative than I’ve ever been in my life, have healed my marriage, my children love and enjoy me, my parents ask ME for advice, I co-founded the most active spiritual meetup group in the Research Triangle, NC area as well as The Conscious Healing Initiative, a non-profit dedicated to self-healing and consciousness and I now teach and help others to heal themselves.

I spend my days painting and writing, teaching, coaching and doing healing work in blissful service to God and dedicate all that I do to the glory of LOVE. I am currently working on a memoir telling my healing story as well as exploring and writing about the power of  yoga, Reiki and meditation to heal. I love making art and had my first, professional show in the fall of 2012!

I have become a certified Usui Reiki Master/Teacher/Practitioner and it is my passion to share this amazing gift with others through private and group sessions and especially through teaching this powerful spiritual and energetic healing method to others.

My formal studies include:

  • Raja yoga during two years of teacher training under Pashupati, Steven Landau, M.D. with a focus on Tantra, attaining 200 hours of certified instruction
  • The Superhuman Operating System, inaugural class, with Ken Wilber
  • The Christ Path with Andrew Harvey
  • Life Optimization Coaching Training Program with The Center for Personal Reinvention
  • Angel Academies with Matt Kahn
  • and, my greatest teacher…LIFE!

I currently volunteer my time and services to the following organizations:

One Franklinton – the grass-roots, all volunteer community organization which presents all of the town’s sponsored events, supports local businesses, town beautification and so much more!

Franklin County Humane Society of NC – fostering cats and kittens and promoting adoption and responsible pet ownership!

Franklin County Arts Council of NC – promoting the arts and supporting the artists!

Wake for Consciousness: Sacred Realms – the Triangle area’s longest lasting spiritual meetup!


It is my passion and purpose to share as far and wide as I can my testimony to the power of LOVE to heal and I thank you for taking valuable time out of your day to explore my website.

May we all be blessed.
May we all remember we ARE LOVE.